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The Mystery Box Show is a live sex-themed storytelling series based out of Portland, Oregon. Following the traditions of live storytelling set by shows like The Moth and Kevin Allison’s RISK!, The Mystery Box Show features real people sharing true personal stories about the many ways that sex influences our lives.

Producer Eric Scheur founded the show in April of 2012 as a reaction to finding no local outlet for sex-themed stories in Portland. “I just wanted to see people telling sex stories on stage, but there didn’t seem to be a place that that was happening. So I made one.”

Since that time, The Mystery Box Show has featured dozens stories ranging from the hilariously awkward to the bittersweet and heartbreaking. Storytellers have included bestselling authors, nationally touring comedians, an editor from Playboy TV, a sex toy expert, members from the kink community, students, and professionals from all walks of life. With a primary focus on entertainment, it’s often surprising how touching and heartfelt these stories can be while other stories may inspire listeners to chase after recently-awakened desires.



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