Story Coaching

Make A Lasting Impression
Build Your Story Skills


Mystery Box Show producers Reba and Eric offer their Tools of Storytelling workshops to groups of 6 or more who are interested in building their story skills. They will introduce you to the foundations of how to craft and share a compelling story. Whatever the theme of your story, whatever your audience, you will come away from this 2.5-hour session with the tools to engage a listener in your tale.

Here’s what people have been saying about our workshops:

Fabulous! I want to be part of more of these!

Both teachers respond well with clear accessibility.

The casual pacing left space for us to become comfortable with each other. I got a lot out of this night.

Please contact Reba Sparrow at Reba [at] mysteryboxshow [dot] com for information about availability and pricing. We look forward to seeing hearing from you!


Reba and Eric also offer private story coaching. If you have a story you want to develop (whether for the stage, business, personal insight, etc.) this is an opportunity to get some great feedback and help shape your story to find its structure, emotion, and meaning.

During a personal coaching session, we will hear you tell your story uninterrupted. After that, we will discuss notes and feedback on developing details and emotional content, story structure, and other points to help form your story fully. Sessions are available for $60/hour (we recommend no more than two sessions back-to-back). Multiple sessions are also available depending on your needs, and the needs of the story.

Sessions can take place in person or on Skype/Google Hangout, depending on schedule availability. Please allow at least three days advance notice to schedule a meeting. For more information, please e-mail Reba Sparrow at Reba [at] mysteryboxshow [dot] com. We look forward to meeting you!