Who keeps the show running?

We have a fantastic staff and we’d love for you to meet them!
Executive Producer / Story Coach
With the unique ability to combine her acting, directing and health coaching skills, Reba is able to bring deep insight and humor to the story coaching process and overall aesthetic of the show. In addition to being our Executive Producer and Story Coach, she also acts as our stage and business manager, helping to make the Mystery Box Show one of the finest nights of entertainment in Portland.

Contact Reba:
reba [at] mysteryboxshow [dot] com
Producer / Story Coach
Eric spends his days as an animator and video editor. He is the founder and host of the The Mystery Box Show. He brings an infectious energy to the evening’s events and is truly excited to introduce fresh new stories of sex to an audience of eager storyfans.

Contact Eric:
eric [at] mysteryboxshow [dot] com
House Manager / Production Assistant
Nicole is a native Oregonian who is enthralled with the power of a story and wants to create the opportunity for anyone to share theirs. Nicole is also a baker by trade, and spends her off time cycling, stitching, and watching documentaries with her pet bird.

Contact Nicole:
nicole [at] mysteryboxshow [dot] com