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Tell Your Story

Update: December 2021

The Mystery Box Show is returning to the stage for two final shows in 2022: February 14 and April 30. If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing yourself on our stage, this is your last chance… and we want to hear from you!

Read or watch the video below for details about how to pitch your story to us.

How to Pitch Your Story

As Easy as 1, 2, 3!

We encourage you to attend one of our shows before you pitch us a story, or at least have a look at some of our past storytellers. This will give you a good idea of the kind of storytelling we bring to our audiences.

1 Pitch Your

E-mail with a few sentences (no fully written stories, audio recordings, YouTube links, etc., please) about the story you’d like to tell.

2 Meet
With Us

If your pitch sounds like it has potential, we’ll arrange a meeting in person or on Skype so we can hear you tell us the whole story out loud. After hearing your full story we’ll be able to determine whether your story is a good fit for our show.

3 Story

If your story is a good fit, we may offer some notes; the notes will be things like asking about details, clarifications of story points, or thoughts on structure. We’ll also start to look for the right date to place your story in our show. It may not be the very next show, but we can promise that if we want your story it will be in our show.

What Story Should I Tell?

The Mystery Box Show is always seeking new storytellers for our live shows. There’s only a few simple stipulations to keep in mind:


Feel free to get creative. No subject is too risqué or too tame, too funny, or too serious. We want to hear it all.

“So you’re looking for super raunchy, shocking, and erotic tales?”

We certainly don’t shy away from anything shocking, but the most important thing is that your story has clear stakes and strong emotions. (If you’re not sure whether your story has that, please still pitch it to us: we’ll help you find the stakes and bring the emotions out).
Need some help thinking of the right story? Here’s some ideas to set you down the right road:

  • The first time trying out a new kink
  • The day I noticed I was attracted to someone different than I’d been attracted to before.
  • The time I gave my son/daughter the “sex talk”
  • The time I needed to change what I thought “gender” meant
  • My experience with Orgasmic Birth
  • How I decided to finally ask for what I want during sex
  • How my body modification completely changed my sexual experience
  • How I learned that sex doesn’t stop after menopause